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Happily serving all of Northern Arizona, based out of Flagstaff.


"Wheel" Be There When You Need Us.

Wheel Estate RV:

Mobile RV Services & Inspections
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Congratulations!  You've decided to buy the RV of your dreams! The purchase of a RV is a big investment and you'll want to make sure you are taking excellent care of your investment. If you're weekend camping a few times a year or if you are full-time RVing, you owe it to yourself to know the condition of the RV you love before you buy it.  "Wheel" also be there for your regularly required maintenance and RV repairs.

We Offer Several Services:



  • Superior RV Inspection of New and Used RVs

  • Camping Season Ready Inspections

  • RV Rental and Motorhome Rental Inspections

  • Walk-Through with Q&A After Inspection

  • Propane System Inspection (if accessible without breaking the line)

  • Water Heater Repair and Service

  • Furnace Repair and Service

  • RV Style (Not Residential) Refrigerator Repair and Service

  • AC Repair and Service

  • RV Maintenance

  • Roof Preventative Maintenance

  • Fluid Analysis of Generator, RV Engine, and Tow Vehicle

  • De/Winterization

  • Install Soft Starters & Other RV Parts & Upgrades

If you do not see your need listed, please reach out and see if there's something we can do to help you.

Did you know:

Most new RVs are completed upon arrival at the dealership?

That's right, the final assembly is supposed to occur at dealerships upon arrival. 

Inspections are great investments for both buyers AND sellers? 

As a seller, you can invest in an inspection to show to prospective buyers that your RV is in well cared for shape and worth the money you are asking.  

If you're a buyer having inspections that are done before purchase gives you peace of mind that you'll actually know what you're buying, you'll have negotiating power for repairs or price, or you can walk away.  RV owners should be having regular maintenance by qualified RV technicians and an inspection is an EXCELLENT start for base record keeping.

When a RV travels down the road, it is equivalent to a 5.0 earthquake? 

Whether the RV is driving on a paved road or a dirt road, things are gonna move around.  Connections, fittings, screws, and staples are all common to come loose.  Those items are pretty important to have secured if you want to have an enjoyable RV ownership.  Not all sellers make sure things are in place properly and not all buyers know where things should be in a new to them RV.​​


At Wheel Estate RV: Mobile RV Services and Inspections, we are detail oriented and highly trained to give the RV the most extensive inspection on the market.  We are going to use a volt ohm meter to verify there is no hot skin.  We check that the hot water works and there are no leaks under the sinks or other locations.  Without breaking into the gas lines, we check for propane leaks.  We are on the roof to check for abnormalities and possible points of intrusion.  We look for potential electrical hazards.  We make sure slides, vents, windows, and awnings operate. We check the safety systems and appliances. Wheel Estate RV: Mobile RV Services & Inspections will evaluate the above listed, as well as MANY other items related to the RV systems, condition, function, and safety. 

Our inspections are comprehensive and detailed. We are not just quickly glossing over the RV, we really crawl all over it, even the roof.  We test and verify the working condition of each system and document our findings. Our inspection reports are meticulous, informative, and easy to read.  We document with photos and videos showing the condition and potential issues.  We offer far more in our reporting than getting a 2- or 3-page checklist that you might get from other RV inspection companies or dealers. 


We are happy to offer fluid analysis on engine oil, transmission fluid, differential oil, and engine coolant for your RV, generators, AND tow vehicles.

We are certified, registered, and insured.

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Wheel Estate RV: Mobile RV Services & Inspections is a family owned and operated business, established in October 2020. We are Scott and Danielle. Scott is a National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) graduate and holds Certified RV Technician credentials, Danielle is a Registered RV Technician with the NRVTA and we are both NRVIA Certified Inspectors and Registered RV Technicians with NRVTA. We lived with our two children and two dogs in our fifth wheel and slowly traveled most of America full-time. We were on the road for over three years checking out the United States. We realized there was no place like Flagstaff and decided to come back to our hometown, set down roots again, and offer our services to our neighbors.


In December of 2020 we were contacted to assist FEMA in getting RVs move in ready for Oregon fire victims. All day, every day we were inspecting rig after rig for weeks.  With that constant work under our belt, steady streams of inspections and repairs since then, partnered with the NRVTA and NRVIA training, and our ongoing training to maintain certification requirements, we have quite a bit of RV inspecting and repair knowledge.


We offer experience from living full-time on the road with a family, unmatched training, compounding years of experience, and an involvement with mass inspections most other inspectors have never worked on.  Plus, there's two of us!

Thank you for taking the time to check us out and "wheel" look forward to hearing from you.

You too can gain the knowledge!

The NRVTA has classes in person in Athens, TX, or there is an at home course you can take in your spare time and gain the knowledge of how to fix about 80% of all RV problems.


Click here to find out more!

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