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80% of the problems we have with our RVs are Easy to Access and Easy to Fix if someone will just show us how...


This home study course comes on a USB Drive with all the videos, workbooks and hands-on exercises - shipped via UPS right to your doorstep!


Get this course and learn how you can maintain and repair your RV at your own pace and at the most convenient time for you!




Video recordings of the RV Training Course

- Training videos broken down into 15-20 minute segments

- Additional supporting videos to reinforce the segments

- Printed workbooks and handouts

- Field training exercises so you can have the “hands on” learning experience too!


Perfect for:


YOU, the busy individual that wants to...

- Learn how your RV operates and functions

- Discover how to repair 80% of the problems your RV might have

- Gain the knowledge and confidence to help other RVers as you travel on your adventures

- Help campgrounds with their customer's RV problems so they can enjoy their vacations instead of leaving early for the shop




RV Electrical System
- Understanding the 3 RV Electrical Systems
- Direct Current circuits and their applications
- Alternating Current circuits and their applications
- Learning to use the Volt Ohm Meter with troubleshooting tips and short cuts and hands-on labs


RV Propane Systems
- Propane systems overview
- Leak testing hands-on labs

RV Water Systems
- The 2 RV water systems - an overview of this city on wheels


RV Appliances
- Refrigerators - How they work and how to troubleshoot the most common issues
- Air Conditioners - How they work and the things we can do to improve their operations
- Water Heaters - the 2 major brands and how they heat and maintain water temperature
- Furnaces - the 3 major brands, how they function and troubleshooting the most common issues
- Hands-on labs for all appliances


RV Exterior Systems
- Overview of slide-outs & leveling systems, roofs & sidewalls, and the most common problems
- Hot skin test

- Hands-on labs




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RV Maintenance and Repair Home Study Course for RV Owners

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