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Costs are subject to change.  Costs DO NOT include parts.

RV Repair/Maintenance:

Service Call (1x charge, listed below) + $125/hour + cost of parts

In Black Barts RV Park ONLY: $0
Within 40 miles of Flagstaff: $75
41-80 miles of Flagstaff: $100
81-120 miles of Flagstaff: $125
121-160 miles from Flagstaff: $150, plus $100 for lodging
161-200 miles from Flagstaff: $175, plus $100 for lodging
201-240 miles from Flagstaff $200, plus $100 for lodging

Pre-Purchase RV Inspections:

Class A Motorhome:                                                                                                                          $850
Class B Camper Van:                                                                                                                        $650
Class C Motorhome:                                                                                                                         $750
Travel Trailer/Fifth Wheel 34 Feet or Less                                                                   $650
Travel Trailer/Fifth Wheel 35 Feet or More                                                                 $800

There is a $1.00 charge per mile, both directions, past 40 miles from Flagstaff, AZ.  
Example: Flagstaff to Prescott is 95 miles. We charge at 55 miles, both ways. 55 * 2 = 110. That would be an additional $110 to inspect in Prescott.

We offer other inspections as well.  RV rental inspections, warranty inspections, insurance inspections, loan inspections, and others.  Please call or text 928.300.1109 for prices.

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